The origins of Yahwism

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Full title: The origins of Yahwism / edited by Jürgen van Oorschot and Markus Witte.
Other authors: Oorschot, Jürgen van, (Editor)
Witte, Markus, (Editor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Divine name *Yahwa /
  • Josef Tropper
  • Yhwh's orginal character: questions about an unknown god /
  • Mark S. Smith
  • Beginnings of Yahwism from an Assyriological perspective /
  • Manfred Krebernik
  • Origins and beginnings of the worship of Yhwh: the iconographic evidence /
  • Angelika Berlejung
  • Tetragrammaton in Egyptian sources: facts and fiction /
  • Faried Adrom,
  • Matthias Müller
  • Origin of Yhwh and it attestation /
  • Henrik Pfeiffer
  • Three theses on the early history of Israel /
  • Jörg Jeremias
  • Yhwh's provenance from the South: a new evaluation of the arguments pro and contra /
  • Martin Leuenberger
  • I am Yhwh your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt (Exod. 20:2): reflections on the status of the Exodus creed in the history of Israel and the literary history of the Hebrew bible /
  • Christoph Berner
  • Origins of Yhwh in light of the earliest psalms /
  • Reinhard Müller
  • God and the gods in the Tetrateuch /
  • Ronald Hendel
  • Origins of Yahwism from the perspective of Deuteronomism /
  • Juha Pakkala
  • Beginnings of Yhwh and "Longing for the origin": a historico-hermeneutical query /
  • Friedhelm Hartenstein.