Routledge handbook of the Chinese Communist Party

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Full title: Routledge handbook of the Chinese Communist Party / edited by Willy Wo-Lap Lam.
Alternative titles: Handbook of the Chinese Communist Party
Other authors: Lam, Willy Wo-Lap, (editor.)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • The agenda of Xi Jinping : is the Chinese Communist party Capable of thorough reforms? / Willy Lam
  • The legacy of Mao Zedong / Yiu-Chung Wong and Willy Lam
  • The CCP's exploitation of Confucianism and legalism / Delia Lin
  • The CCP's use and abuse of nationalism / Edward Friedman
  • The party runs the show : how the CCP controls the state and towers over the government, legislature and judiciary / Jean-Pierre Cabestan
  • The role of party congresses / Guoguang Wu
  • The PLA as the lifeline of the party / Ka Po Ng
  • Factional politics in the party-state apparatus / Zhiyue Bo
  • Evolution of the party since 1976 : ideological and functional adoptions / Joseph Y.S. Cheng
  • The CCP's meritocratic cadre system / Akio Takahara
  • "The new (old) normal" : the party's propaganda system under Jiang, Hu, and Xi / Anne-Marie Brady
  • How the party-state runs the economy : a model of elite decision-making in the financial market / Victor Shih
  • Implementing tax reform and rural reconstruction in China : a case study of the CCP's agrarian policy / Chiew-Siang Bryan Ho
  • The party's policy toward labor / Bill Taylor
  • Reform, repression, co-optation : the CCP's policy toward intellectuals / Jean-Philippe Béja
  • The party and the law / Eva Pils
  • Two steps forward one backward : the CCP's policy toward women / Marina Thorborg
  • Public policy and lgbt people and activism in mainland China / Elaine Jeffreys
  • The CCP's tibet policy : stability through coercion and development / Tsering Topgyal
  • The party-state's nationalist strategy to control the Uyghur : silenced voices / Dru Gladney
  • The future of the CCP / Kerry Brown and Konstantinos Tsimonis
  • Changing patterns of Chinese civil society : comparing the Hu-Wen and the Xi Jinping eras / Chloe Froissart
  • Can the Internet and social media change the party? / David Bandurski
  • China and the world : from the Chinese dream to the Chinese world order / Simon Shen.