Sociolinguistics in deaf communities

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Full title: Sociolinguistics in deaf communities / Ceil Lucas, editor.
Other authors: Lucas, Ceil, (Editor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Sociolinguistic variation in ASL : the case of deaf / Ceil Lucas
  • Description and status of initialized signs in Quebec sign language / Dominique Machabée
  • Fingerspelling interaction : a set of deaf parents and their deaf daughter / Arlene Blumenthal-Kelly
  • A sociolinguistic description of sign language use in a Navajo family / Jeffrey Davis and Samuel Supalla
  • Politics and language : American Sign Language and English in deaf education / Stephen M. Nover
  • Language and learning in a deaf education classroom : practice and paradox / Mary Ann La Bue
  • Communication and language use in Spanish-speaking families with deaf children / Barbara Gerner de García
  • Constructed dialogue and constructed action in American Sign Language / Melanie Metzger
  • Turn-taking and eye gaze in sign conversations between deaf Filipinos / Liza B. Martinez
  • Empowerment from within : the deaf social movement providing a framework for a multicultural society / Kathy Jankowski.