Identity and dialect performance : a study of communities and dialects

Level E A417.2 /525354 Available
Full title: Identity and dialect performance : a study of communities and dialects / edited by Reem Bassiouney.
Other authors: Bassiouney, Reem, 1973- (Editor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Dialects in localised delocalised contexts. Nonstandard dialect and identity / John Edwards
  • The elusive dialect border / Dick Smakman & Marten Van der Meulen
  • Dialect performances in super diverse communities: the case for ethnographic approaches to language variation / Anna de Fina
  • Nation-states and identity construction in relation to a standard and a dialect. The construction of linguistic borders and the rise of national identity in South Sudan: some insights into Juba Arabic (Arabi Júba) / Stefano Manfredi
  • From language to dialect and back: the case of Piedmontese / Mauro Tosco
  • Darija and the construction of "Moroccanness" / Dominique Caubet
  • "Sloppy speech is like sloppy dress": folk attitudes towards non-standard British English / Carmen Ebner
  • Contact, Variation, Performance and Metalinguistic Discourse. From varieties in contact to the selection of linguistic features in multilingual settings / Isabelle Leglise & Santiago Sanchez Moreano
  • "You live in the United States, you speak English" decían las maestras: how New Mexican Spanish speakers enact, ascribe and reject ethnic identities / Katherine O'Donnell Christoffersen & Naomi Shin
  • The social meanings of Wolof and French: contact dialects, language ideology, and competing modernities in Senegal / Fiona Mc Laughlin
  • The social value of variation in Tétouan and Ghomara (Northwestern Morocco) / Angeles Vicente & Amina Naciri-Azzouz
  • New presentations of self in everyday life: linguistic transgressions in England, Germany and Japan / Patrick Heinrich
  • Language and identity in Siwa Oasis: Indexing belonging, localness and authenticity in a small minority community / Valentina Serreli
  • The Media, Dialect Performance and Language Variation. Youtube Yinzers: Stancetaking and the performance of Pittsburghese / Scott F. Kielsing
  • Performing Scottish identity on Screen: Language, Identity, and Humour in Scottish Television Comedy / Natalie Braber
  • Identity, Repertoire, and Performance: The Case of an Egyptian Poet / Reem Bassiouney
  • Ruination and amusement: dialect, youth and revolution in Naija / Anne Storch
  • Dialectal variation and identity in post-revolutionary Libyan media: The case of Dragunov (2014) / Luca D'Anna
  • The effect of TV and internal versus external contact on variation in Syrian rural child language / Rania Habib.