Afghanistan : identity, society and politics since 1980

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Full title: Afghanistan : identity, society and politics since 1980 / edited by Micheline Centilvres-Demont ; introduction by Olivier Roy.
Other authors: Centlivres-Demont, Micheline, (Editor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Pt. I. The PDPA regime, 1978-89. The bridge on the Amu Darya / Micheline Centilvres-Demont ; All roads lead to Rome / Aziz Zekrya ; The geopolitical stakes from the Soviet point of view / Michel Foucher ; Pakistan on the frontline / Jean-Christopher Victor ; The land reform of 1979 and its aftermath / Erwin Grötzbach ; The Kabul government institutions / Chantal Lobato ; What is becoming of the Kyrgyz in Turkey? / Rémy Dor ; The Afghan situation in summer 1987 / Olivier Roy ; Towards a Soviet withdrawal? / Olivier Roy ; Afghan women today / Pierre Centlivres and Micheline Centilvres-Demont ; Pakistan and the Afghan issue / Mushahid Hussain ; Afghanistan: an American view / Selig S. Harrison ; The political reconstruction of Afghanistan : the Hazaras a hundred years after Abdur Rahman / Rolf Bindemann ; The Russians ready to intervene in Afghanistan at France's request : a century ago / Pierre Centlivres
  • pt. II. The mujahedeen moment, 1990-95. Finding a political solution : rejection or participation / Jean-José Puig ; Pakistan's Afghan policy : no light at the end of the tunnel / Mushahid Hussain ; Afghanistan and the Arab world / Arnold Hottinger ; Consociationalism and the Afghan political order / William Maley ; The reconstitution of the Afghan state / William Maley ; Afghan women view the future / Nancy Hatch Dupree ; Herat : a model and an opportunity for Afghanistan / Bernard Dupaigne ; Reflections on the political development since the fall of the PDPA regime / Asta Olesen ; From Pashtunistan to Central Asia: Pakistan's Afghan policy / Frédéric Grare ; The instability of power / Barnett R. Rubin ; Ethnicity cannot be the basis for a common policy : the Hazara failure in the struggle for Afghanistan / Rolf Bindemann ; Some reflections on the Pashtunistan problem / Sayyid Qasim Reshtya
  • pt. III. Afghanistan under the Taliban, 1996-2001. Regional impact of the Taliban breakthrough / Olivier Roy ; The Taliban : fundamentalist, traditionalist or totalitarian? / William Maley ; The Kabul Museum under the Taliban / Nancy Hatch Dupree ; Greater Afghanistan : a missed chance? / Ludwig Adamec ; The end of US policy towards Afghanistan? / Barnett R. Rubin ; The Taliban : the new forces of law and order in Afghanistan /Citha D. Maass ; The Taliban : revolutionary dynamic and regional environment / Gilles Dorronsoro ; The impact of the Taliban on the Afghan economy / Peter Marsden ; The culture of music in the Afghan transnational community / John Baily ; Afghanistan's war economy and global reach / Ahmed Rashid ; Farewell to the Buddhas of Bamiyan / Pierre Centlivres
  • pt. IV. After the Tailban. Afghanistan after the Taliban / Olivier Roy ; Ethnicity and politics in Afghanistan : the role played by Setam-e melli / Antonio Giustozzi ; Ahmad Shah Massoud : the man behind the legend / Christophe de Ponfilly ; Reconstituting state power in Afghanistan / William Maley ; A bad start to reconstruction / Gilbert Étienne ; Letter to a father : bashfulness and emotion in the midst of migration / Alessandro Monsutti ; Agriculture in Afghanistan : a contribution to a better understanding / Raphy Favre ; Afghanistan and Pakistan / Ahmed Rashid ; The new Afghan constitution / Micheline Centilvres-Demont ; What went wrong? Humanitarianism in crisis in Afghanistan / Antonio Donini ; Five theses on the structural instability of Afghanistan / Conrad Schetter ; Founding a new Islamic state in Afghanistan / J.P. Singh Uberoi ; Making a presidential system work / William Maley ; The Uzbeks of Afghanistan since the end of the Taliban rule / Ingeborg Baldauf ; How many nomads are there in Afghanistan? / Bernt Glatzer ; Campaign harvests : media coverage of the presidential elections of October 2004 / Hamida Aman ; Buzkashi then and now / G. Whitney Azoy ; Processes of political ethnicization in today's Afghanistan / Antonio Giustozzi ; Order and justice in Afghanistan : some reflections on the problem of amnesty / William Maley
  • pt. V. An evolving future. The Afghan roots of the neo-Taliban movement / Antonio Giustozzi ; Soviets and westerners in Afghanistan : what elements of continuity? / Gilles Dorronsoro ; NGOs and Afghanistan : new challenges, old dilemmas / Jonathan Goodhand ; State administration and local power brokers in Afghanistan's provinces / Antonio Giustozzi ; Afghanistan and the global failure of counter-narcotics / Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy ; President Obama and the future of US policy in Afghanistan / M. Nazif Shahrani ; A muted voice? Religious actors and civil society in post-2001 Afghanistan / Kristian Berg Harpviken and Kaja Borchgrevink ; Defending urban heritage / Jolyon Leslie ; The Hazaras in Afghanistan : origins and linguistic evidence / Abdul Ghafur Rawan Farhadi ; The future of the Afghan National Army : problems and reforms / Antonio Giustozzi ; Afghan cultural heritage as seen by the Afghans / Nancy Hatch Dupree ; Will the US achieve a permanent military presence in Afghanistan? / Peter Marsden ; Afghanistan 2011 : an archipelago of sovereignties / Alessandro Monsutti ; Negotiating with the Taliban / William Maley ; Towards a new civil war? Western withdrawal and the dynamics of regionalization / Gilles Dorronsoro ; Young Afghanistani refugees in Iran : professional training, work and perspectives / Khadija Abbasi ; China and Afghanistan : a new phase? / William Maley ; Afghanistan 2014: another excuse for yet more disaster? / Edward Girardet.