Ismaili history and intellectual traditions

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Full title: Ismaili history and intellectual traditions / Farhad Daftary.
Main author: Daftary, Farhad, (author.)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Shiʻi communities in history
  • The study of the Ismailis : phases and issues
  • Ismaili history and literary traditions
  • Idris ʻImad al-Din and medieval Ismaili historiography
  • A major schism in the early Ismaʻili movement
  • The Ismaili daʻwa under the Fatimids
  • The concept of ujja in Ismaili thought
  • Cyclical time and sacred history in medieval Ismaili thought
  • ʻAli in classical Ismaili theology
  • Al-qadi al-nuʻman, Ismaʻili law and Imami shiʻism
  • The Iranian school of philosophical Ismailism
  • The medieval Ismaʻilis of the Iranian lands
  • The "order of the assassins" : J. von Hammer and the Orientalist misrepresentations of the Nizari Ismailis
  • Ismaili-Seljuq relations : conflict and stalemate
  • Sinan and the Nizari Ismailis of Syria
  • Hidden Imams and Mahdis in Ismaili history
  • Religious identity, dissimulation and assimilation : the Ismaili experience.