The collected stories

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Full title: The collected stories / Grace Paley.
Alternative titles: Short stories
Main author: Paley, Grace. 1922-2007. (Author)
Format: Book           
Edition: Paperback edition

Table of Contents:
  • Two ears, three lucks
  • The little disturbances of man. Goodbye and good luck
  • A woman, young and old
  • The pale pink roast
  • The loudest voice
  • The contest
  • An interest in life
  • An irrevocable diameter
  • Two short sad stories from a long and happy life. The used-boy raisers ; A subject of childhood
  • In time which made a monkey of us all
  • The floating truth
  • Enormous changes at the last minute. Wants
  • Debts
  • Distance
  • Faith in the afternoon
  • Gloomy tune
  • Living
  • Come on, ye sons of art
  • Faith in a tree
  • Samuel
  • The burdened man
  • Enormous changes at the last minute
  • Politics
  • Northeast playground
  • The little girl
  • A conversation with my father
  • The immigrant story
  • The long-distance runner
  • Later the same day. Love
  • Dreamer in a dead language
  • In the garden
  • Somewhere else
  • Lavinia: an old story
  • Friends
  • At that time, or the history of a joke
  • Anxiety
  • In this country, but in another language, my aunt refuses to marry the men everyone wants her to
  • Mother
  • Ruthy and Edie
  • A man told me the story of his life
  • The story hearer
  • This is a story about my friend George, the toy inventor
  • Zagrowsky tells
  • The expensive moment
  • Listening.