Arabic as one language : integrating dialect in the Arabic language curriculum

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Full title: Arabic as one language : integrating dialect in the Arabic language curriculum / Mahmoud al-Batal, editor.
Other authors: Al-Batal, Mahmoud, (editor.)
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Summary: Arabic is a diglossic language: What is written is different from what is spoken. For decades, students have learned written Arabic first and then spoken but this does not reflect the sociolinguistic reality of the language nor does it give students what they need to communicate. Teachers of Arabic have struggled to teach communicative skills. With the introduction of Al-Kitaab Third Edition, this method had to be established. Though there has been much discussion about "integrating Arabic," little research or evidence has been presented about it. In this volume, Al-Batal gathers scholars who are using this method with success to present research that the method works. They will address curricular models, students' measured outcomes (with copious examples), and attitudes of students and teachers (which often change) using this methodology. Contributors are a mix of well-known and young scholars, bringing fresh voices into this discussion and making this method more established and less "experimental." Additional data will be provided on the GU Press website. Data include, tables/figures, audio, and video recordings of students showing the proposed method and outcomes from the method discussed. References to these resources will be made in the book.
Other authors: Al-Batal, Mahmoud, (editor.)
Language: English
Published: Washington, DC : Georgetown University Press, 2017.
Classmark: P407 /532949
Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN: 9781626165045