Introducing philosophy of religion

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Full title: Introducing philosophy of religion / Chad Meister.
Main author: Meister, Chad V., 1965-
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Table of Contents:
  • Religion and the philosophy of religion
  • Religion and the world religions
  • Philosophy and the philosophy of religion
  • Philosophy of religion timeline
  • Religious beliefs and practices
  • Religious diversity and pluralism
  • The diversity of religions
  • Religious inclusivism and exclusivism
  • Religious pluralism
  • Religious relativism
  • Evaluating religious systems
  • Religious tolerance
  • Conceptions of ultimate reality
  • Ultimate reality : the absolute and the void
  • Ultimate reality : a personal God
  • Arguments for God's existence: cosmological
  • The argument from contingency
  • The sufficient reason argument
  • The Kalam argument
  • A cosmological argument for atheism
  • Arguments for God's existence : teleological
  • Paley's design argument
  • A fine-tuning argument
  • An intelligent design argument
  • Arguments for God's existence : ontological
  • Anselm's ontological argument
  • Plantinga's modal ontological argument
  • Problems of evil
  • Sketching the terrain
  • Theoretical problems of evil
  • The existential problem of evil
  • Theodicies
  • Science, faith, and reason
  • Religion and science
  • Religious belief and justification
  • Religious experience
  • The nature and diversity of religious experience
  • Religious experience and justification
  • Scientific explanations of religious experience
  • The self, death, and the afterlife
  • Conceptions of the self
  • Reincarnation and karma
  • Arguments for immortality
  • Arguments against immortality.