Jerusalem 1900 : the Holy City in the age of possibilities

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Full title: Jerusalem 1900 : the Holy City in the age of possibilities / Vincent Lemire ; translated by Catherine Tihanyi and Lys Ann Weiss.
Alternative titles: Jérusalem 1900. English
Main author: Lemire, Vincent, 1973- (Author)
Other authors: Tihanyi, Catherine, (Translator)
Weiss, Lys Ann, (Translator)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: the year 1900, the age of possibilities
  • Forgotten history
  • A moment to delineate, a period to define
  • The causes of failure
  • The causes of forgetting
  • Why remember?
  • An itinerary
  • The underside of maps: one city or four quarters? A rough-cut cartography ; External boundaries, internal fractures ; Language, citizenship, property: some useful concepts ; Inside and outside city walls ; The four quarters: a late and exogenous topography ; The new city: mixed neighborhoods and Jewish neighborhoods ; Summary: of people and places
  • Origins of the city as museum. Turning one's back on the modern city ; Lament over the tomb-city ; A city becoming unreadable ; From scholarship to archaeology ; Reconstructing Christ's Jerusalem ; Toward an intimate history of archaeology and pilgrimage ; Biblical archaeology: "no return" inventions
  • Still-undetermined holy sites. Maurice Halbwachs as advance scout ; Localization and designation ; How to construct a holy site: the example of the garden tomb ; Global and structural uncertainty ; Original hybridity
  • The scale of the empire. Ottomanism: a defense against fracturing identities? ; The seraglio people: imperial administration in Jerusalem ; Countering the image of the "turk's head": a gallery of portraits ; September 1, 1900: imperial jubilee in Jerusalem ; The road network: a city opened up, a region ottomanized ; The railway: a Jewish contractor, French capital, and Muslim inauguration ; Ottomanism and shared urbanness: drinking water for all
  • The municipal revolution. Origin of the municipality: an urban community? ; Garbage collection and the municipalization of urban powers ; Elected council members: citizens, city dwellers, and property owners ; Yussuf ziya al-khalidi, the founding mayor ; At the heart of municipal action: the defense of public space ; Urbanites all: public health, leisure, and municipal finances
  • The wild revolutionary days of 1908. What time was it in Jerusalem? ; The wild days of August 1908: Jerusalem's forgotten revolution ; Unexpected fracture lines ; New vectors of lively public opinion ; Underneath communities, classes?
  • Intersecting identities. Albert Antébi, levantine urbanite ; An "Arab awakening" in the chaos of battle ; Jerusalem and the parochialism of the "people of the Holy Land" ; Jerusalem, the thrice-holy city, and the municipium
  • Conclusion: the bifurcation of time
  • The bird people
  • Ben-yehuda, the outsider
  • Toward a shared history.