Religion in the Achaemenid Persian empire : emerging Judaisms and trends

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Full title: Religion in the Achaemenid Persian empire : emerging Judaisms and trends / edited by Diana Edelman, Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley, and Philippe Guillaume.
Other authors: Edelman, Diana Vikander, 1954- (Editor)
Fitzpatrick-McKinley, Anne, (Editor)
Guillaume, Philippe, 1960- (Editor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Part 1.
  • Trends in Emerging Judaisms.
  • Creating Dialectical Tensions: Religious Developments in Persian-Period Yehud Reflected in Biblical Texts /
  • James Anderson
  • Monotheism, Empire, and the Cult(s) of Yehud in the Persian Period /
  • Philip R. Davies
  • Were Persian-Period "Israelites" Bound by Ethnicity or Religious Affiliation? The Case of the Southern Transjordan /
  • Russell Hobson
  • Non-violent Re-readings of Israel's Foundational Traditions in the Persian Period (the Calendar System in P) /
  • Philippe Guillaume
  • Josiah as Religious Peg for Persian-Period Jews and Judaism /
  • Lowell Handy
  • A Religious REvolution Devours Its Children: The Iconography of the Persian-Period Cuboid Incense Burners /
  • Christian Frevel an Katharina Pyschny.
  • Part II.
  • Other Religious Trends in the Persian Empire.
  • Continuity between Assyrian and Persian Policies toward the Cults of Their Subjects /
  • Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley /
  • Was There an Achaemenid "Theology" of Kingship? The Intersections of Mythology, Religion, and Imperial Religious Policy /
  • Jason M. Silverman
  • Religion, Empire and Mutilation: A Cross-Religious Perspective on Achaemenid Mutilation Practices /
  • Yannick Muller
  • Iconography on Double-Shekel Sidonian Coinage in the Persian Period: Is it a God or a King in the Chariot? /
  • Diana V. Edelman
  • Whose Rites and Whose Wrongs? Religious Contributions of Contingents within the Persian Navy /
  • Mark Christian
  • Beyond the Persian Tolerance Policy: Great Kings and Egyptian Gods during the Achaemenid Period /
  • Damien Agut-Labordère
  • Achaemenid Persian Patronage of Egyptian Cults and Religious Institutions in the Twenty-seventh Dynasty: A Study of Political Acumen in the Ancient World /
  • Jared Krebsbach
  • Religious Practices and Seal Imagery in Achaemenid Hellespontine Phrygia /
  • Deniz Kaptan.