The role of women in work and society in the ancient Near East

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Full title: The role of women in work and society in the ancient Near East / edited by Brigitte Lion and Cécile Michel.
Other authors: Lion, Brigitte, (Editor)
Michel, Cécile, (Editor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Women and Work in the Ancient Near East: An introduction /
  • Brigitte Lion and Cécile Michel
  • Weaving, Potting, Churning : Women at work during the Uruk period : Evidence from the cylinder seals /
  • Catherine Brinquet
  • Representation of Women in Mesopotamian Lexical Lists /
  • Camille Lecompte
  • Women and Land in the Presargonic Lagaš Corpus /
  • Fumi Karahashi
  • The Role of Women in Work and Society in the Ebla Kingdom (Syria, 24th century BC) /
  • Maria Giovanna Biga
  • Women and Production in Sargonic Adab /
  • Massimo Maiocchi
  • Professional Women and Women at Work in Mesopotamia and Syria (3rd and early 2nd millennia BC) : The (rare) information from visual images /
  • Adelheid Otto
  • Women at Work and Women in Economy and Society during the Neo-Sumerian Period /
  • Bertrand Lafont
  • The Sex-Based Division of Work versus Intersectionality : Some strategies for engendering the Ur III textile work force /
  • Agnès Garcia-Ventura
  • Women Work, Men are Professionals in the Old Assyrian Archives /
  • Cécile Michel
  • The Job of Sex : The social and economic role of prostitutes in ancient Mesopotamia /
  • Jerrold S. Cooper
  • "She is not fit for womanhood" : The Ideal Housewife According to Sumerian Literary Texts /
  • Jana Matuszak
  • Economic Activities of nadītum-Women of Šamaš Reflected in the Field Sale Contracts (MHET II/1–6) /
  • Ichiro Nakata
  • Cherchez la femme! The Economic Role of Women in Old Babylonian Sippar /
  • Katrien De Graef
  • Economic Activities of Women According to Mari Texts (18th century BC) /
  • Nele Ziegler
  • Women at Work in Mesopotamia : An attempt at a legal perspective /
  • Sophie Déare-Lafont
  • Sources for the Study of the Role of Women in the Hittite Administration /
  • Matteo Vigo
  • Work and Gender in Nuzi Society /
  • Brigitte Lion
  • Women in Economic Agreements : Emarite sale contracts (Syria, 13th century BC) /
  • Josué J. Justel
  • The kubuddā'u-Gift in the Emar Texts /
  • Masamichi Yamada
  • Women in Elamite Royal Inscriptions : Some observations /
  • Eiko Matsushima
  • Women and their Activities in Divinatory Texts /
  • Virginie Muller
  • Studying Gender : A Case study of female administrators in Neo-Assyrian palaces /
  • Saana Svärd
  • Historiography on Studies Dedicated to Women and Economy during the Neo-Babylonian Period /
  • Francis Joannès
  • Invisible Workers : The role of women in textile production during the 1st millennium BC /
  • Louise Quillien
  • Economic Activities of Women in 1st Millennium Babylonia /
  • Yoko Watai
  • Beauty Experts : Female perfume-makers in the 1st millennium BC /
  • Laura Cousin
  • Women and Prebends in Seleucid Uruk /
  • Julien Monerie
  • Women and the Economic History of the Ancient Greek World : Still a challenge for gender studies /
  • Violaine Sebillotte Cuchet.