Cross-cultural studies in Near Eastern history and literature

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Full title: Cross-cultural studies in Near Eastern history and literature / edited by Saana Svärd and Robert Rollinger
Other authors: Svärd, Saana
Rollinger, Robert
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020 |a 978-3-86835-204-7 
082 |a QC890  |k /526075 
245 0 0 |a Cross-cultural studies in Near Eastern history and literature /  |c edited by Saana Svärd and Robert Rollinger 
260 |a Münster :  |b Ugarit Verlag,  |c 2016 
300 |a 250 p.  |c 24 cm. 
440 0 |a Intellectual Heritage of the Ancient and Mediaeval Near East.  |v 2 
490 0 |a IHAMNE.  |v 2 
500 |a "The contributions of this volume were born out of gatherings of the “Intellectual Heritage of the Ancient Near East” (IHANE) project, based at the University of Helsinki (2010–2015)" 
505 |a Condiments and sweetening agents in Assyria and their role in the development of royal food-writing in the Near East / Salvatore Gaspa -- Translation and transmission in the first millennium CE Near East / Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila --The ancient North Arabian and Early Islamic Arabic graffiti: a comparison of formal and thematic features / Jouni Harjumäki & Ilkka Lindstedt -- The references to colored animals in the Omen Series Šumma ālu ina mēlê šakin / Joonas Hirvonen -- Antiochos the Great and the robe of Nebuchadnezzar: intercultural transfer between Orientalism and Hellenocentrism / Irene Madreiter -- Warrior elites on the verge of Islam: between court and tribe in early Arabic poetry / Nathaniel Miller -- Arrian, the Second Sophistic, Xerxes, and the statues of Harmodios and Aristogeiton / Sabine Müller -- Methodological considerations on disability in the Ancient Near East / Simone Pittl -- The Battle of Arbela in 331 BCE, disloyal “Orientals” and the alleged “panic” in the Persian army: from Neo-Assyrian kings to Alexander III / Robert Rollinger -- Index 
650 0 |a Cross-cultural studies  |z Middle East 
650 0 |a Literature, Comparative 
651 0 |a Middle East  |x Civilization  |y To 622. 
700 1 |a Svärd, Saana 
700 1 |a Rollinger, Robert 
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