State formation and state decline in the Near and Middle East

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Full title: State formation and state decline in the Near and Middle East / edited by Rainer Kessler, Walter Sommerfeld and Leslie Tramontini.
Main Authors: Kessler, Rainer, (Author, Editor)
, Sommerfeld, Walter, (Author, Editor)
Other authors: Tramontini, Leslie, (Editor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • The Evolution of Fragility: The Resistible Rise and Irresistible Fall of Early States /
  • Norman Yoffee
  • Umweltzerstörung und ökologische Krisen im Alten Orient /
  • Walter Sommerfeld
  • Material Foundations of Early States /
  • Daniel T. Potts
  • The Formation and Decline of the Aramaean States in Iron Age Syria /
  • Helene Sader
  • Conditions of State Formation at the Edges of Empires: the Case of Iron Age Moab /
  • Bruce Routledge
  • Ethnicity and State Formation in the Levant during the Early Iron Age /
  • Christa Schäfer-Lichtenberger
  • The Role of Lingua Francas and Communication Networks in the Process of Empire-Building: The Persian Empire /
  • Josef Wiesehöfer
  • Political Elites in Ancient Judah: Continuity and Change /
  • Rainer Kessler
  • The first Arabic Empire and Modern Scholarship, 622–661 /
  • Wim Raven
  • Cooperation over Trans-Boundary Water Resources Management in the Middle East /
  • Afaf H. Rahim and Precious Zikhali
  • Still in the Wilderness? Iraq in 2015 /
  • Peter Sluglett.