Chinese circulations : capital, commodities, and networks in Southeast Asia

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Full title: Chinese circulations : capital, commodities, and networks in Southeast Asia / Eric Tagliacozzo and Wen-Chin Chang, eds. ; foreword by Wang Gungwu.
Main author: Tagliacozzo, Eric.
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Other authors: Chang, Wen-Chin, 1964-
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: the arc of historical commercial relations between China and Southeast Asia / Wen-Chin Chang and Eric Tagliacozzo
  • Chinese on the mining frontier in Southeast Asia / Anthony Reid
  • Cotton, copper, and caravans : trade and the transformation of Southwest China / C. Patterson Giersch
  • The social life of Chinese labor / Adam McKeown
  • Opium as a commodity in the Chinese Nanyang trade / Carl A. Trocki
  • The lidai baoan and the Ryukyu maritime tributary trade network with China and Southeast Asia, the fourteenth to seventeenth centuries / Takeshi Hamashita
  • Cochinchinese coin casting and circulating in eighteenth-century Southeast Asia / Li Tana
  • Import of prosperity : luxurious items imported from China to Siam during the Thonburi and early Rattanakosin periods (1767-1854) / Masuda Erika
  • A Sino-Indonesian commodity chain : the trade in tortoiseshell in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries / Heather Sutherland
  • From Baoshi to Feicui : Qing-Burmese gem trade, c. 1644-1800 / Sun Laichen
  • Junks to java : Chinese shipping to the Nanyang in the second half of the eighteenth century / Leonard Bluss
  • Chinese books and printing in the early Spanish Philippines / Lucille Chia
  • The end of the "age of commerce"? : Javanese cotton trade industry from the seventeenth to the eighteenth centuries / Kwee Hui Kian
  • The power of culture and its limits : Taiwanese merchants' Asian commodity flows, 1895-1945 / Lin Man-houng
  • Rice trade and Chinese rice millers in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries : the case of British Malaya / Wu Xiao An
  • Tonle sap processed fish: from Khmer subsistence staple to colonial export commodity / Nola Cooke
  • Moses' rod: the Bible as a commodity in Southeast Asia and China / Jean DeBernardi
  • Market price, labor input, and relation of production in Sarawak's edible birds' nest trade / Bien Chiang
  • A Sino-Southeast Asian circuit : ethnohistories of the marine goods trade / Eric Tagliacozzo
  • From a Shiji episode to the forbidden jade trade during the socialist regime in Burma / Wen-Chin Chang
  • Conflict timber along the China-Burma border : connecting the global timber consumer with violent extraction sites / Kevin Woods.