The Silk Road : a new history with documents

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Full title: The Silk Road : a new history with documents / Valerie Hansen.
Main author: Hansen, Valerie, 1958-
Format: Book           
Edition: 2nd expanded edition.

Table of Contents:
  • At the crossroads of Central Asia : the Kingdom of Kroraina
  • Gateway to the languages of the Silk Road : Kucha and the Kizil Caves
  • Midway between China and Iran : Turfan
  • Homeland of the Sogdians, the Silk Road traders : Samarkand and Sogdiana
  • The cosmopolitan terminus of the Silk Road : historic Chang'an, modern-day Xi'an
  • The time capsule of Silk Road history : the Dunhuang Caves
  • Entryway into Xinjiang for Buddhism and Islam : Khotan
  • A new route through the grasslands : Beijing
  • Conclusion: The history of the overland routes through Central Asia.