Asian texts, Asian contexts : encounters with Asian philosophies and religions

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Full title: Asian texts, Asian contexts : encounters with Asian philosophies and religions / edited by David Jones and E.R. Klein.
Other authors: Jones, David Edward.
Klein, Ellen R.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • The importance of Asian philosophy in the curriculum / John M. Koller
  • The Confucian worldview : uncommon assumptions, common misconceptions / Roger T. Ames
  • Texts section
  • India : in the Battlefield of Dharma : the moral philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita / Vrinda Dalmiya
  • Vimalakartis triumphant silence : bridging Indian and East Asian Buddhism / Jeffrey Dippmann
  • The things of this world are masks the infinite assumes : introducing Samkhya and yoga philosophy / Tom Pynn
  • China : too twisted to fit a carpenter's square : using and teaching the Daodejing / Ronnie Littlejohn
  • Performing the meanings of Dao : a possible pedagogical strategy for teaching Cinese philosophy / Robin R. Wang
  • Mengzi : human nature is good / Jiang Xinyan
  • Japan : the dilemma of Dôgen / Brian Schroeder
  • Self-identity of the absolute what : on how to read the philosophy of Nishida Kitaro / Gereon Kopf
  • The bottom of my soul has such depth that neither joy nor the waves of sorrow can reach it : an introduction to the Kyoto School / Jason Wirth
  • Contexts section
  • Frameworks : history as a vehicle for the universal / John A. Tucker
  • Asking the right questions / Francis Brassard
  • A sketch of the Diamondsutra's logic of not / Shigenori Nagatomo
  • Art : Nama-rupa: the paradox of embodiment in Indian art / Harriette D. Grissom
  • Philosophical reflection and visual art in traditional China / Stephen J. Goldberg
  • Philosophy : teaching Chinese philosophy from the outside in / Mary Bockover
  • A strategy for integrating Confucius' analects into a typical introduction to philosophy course / James Peterman.