The Upper Guinea coast in global perspective

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Full title: The Upper Guinea coast in global perspective / edited by Jacqueline Knörr and Christoph Kohl.
Other authors: Knörr, Jacqueline, 1960- (Editor)
Kohl, Christoph, (Editor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: the Upper Guinea coast in global perspective / Jacqueline Knörr and Christoph Kohl
  • Towards a definition of transnational as a family construct : an historical and micro perspective / Bruce L. Mouser
  • Lusocreole culture and identity compared : the cases of Guinea-Bissau and Sri Lanka / Christoph Kohl
  • Freetown's Yoruba-modelled secret societies as transnational and trans-ethnic mechanisms for social integration / Nathaniel King
  • Contested transnational spaces : debating emigrants' citizenship and role in Guinean politics / Anita Schroven
  • Identity beyond ID
  • diaspora within the nation / Markus Rudolf
  • The African "other" in the Cape Verde Islands : interaction, integration and the forging of an immigration policy / Pedro F. José Marcelino
  • Celebrating asymmetries
  • Creole stratification and the regrounding of home in Cape Verdean migrant return visits / Heike Drotbohm
  • Travelling terms : analysis of semantic fluctuations in the Atlantic world / Wilson Trajano Filho
  • Rice and revolution : agrarian life and global food policy on the Upper Guinea coast / Joanna Davidson
  • Transnational and local models of non-refoulement : youth and women in the moral economy of patronage in post-war Liberia and Sierra Leone / William P. Murphy
  • Expanding the space for freedom of expression in post-war Sierra Leone / Sylvanus Spencer
  • Sierra Leone, child soldiers, and global flows of child protection expertise / Susan Shepler
  • The "Mandingo question" : transnational ethnic identity and violent conflict in an Upper Guinea border area / Christian K. Højbjerg
  • Solo Darboe, former diamond dealer : transnational connections and home politics in the twentieth-century Gambia / Alice Bellagamba
  • Market networks and warfare : a comparison of the seventeenth century blade weapons trade and the nineteenth century firearms trade in the Casamance / Peter Mark and José da Silva Horta.