Irigaray for architects

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Full title: Irigaray for architects / Peg Rawes
Main author: Rawes, Peg
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction. Part 1. Mind. Projecting a Relationship 1. The Aesthetics in Place 2. The Sacred Environment: an Investigation of the Sacred and is Implications for Place-making 3. What use is the Genius Loci? 4. Constructing Place... on the Beach 5. Constructing Informal Places 6. Migrant Homes: Ethnicity, Identity and Domestic Space Culture 7. Communities of Dread 8. Design in the City: Actors and Contexts. Philosophy of Place 9. The Professor' House: Heidegger's House at Freiberg-im-Breisgau 10. Place-Making: The Notion of Centre 11. Hybrid Identities: 'Public' and 'Private' Life in the Courtyard Houses of Barabazaar, Kolkata, India 12. Diagonal: Transversality and Worldmaking 13. Modernity and the Threshold: Psychologising the Places In-between 14. Transparency and Catatonia. Part 2. Matter. Modern Metiation 1 Siting Lives: Postwar Place-making 16. Awakening Place: Le Corbusier's Scheme at La Sainte Baume 17. Retreating to Dwell: Playing and Reality at Muuratsalo 18. From Place to Planet: Jorn Utzon's Earth-Bound Platforms and Floating Roof 19. The Landscape of Work: A Place for the Car Considerate Intervention 20. Rooted Modernism: Reconstructing Memory in Architecture 21. Making Our Place: The Museum of New Zealand 23. Architecture of Spoils; Francesco Venezia and Sicily's Spogliatoia 23. Horizon in the Hamar Museum: An Instrument of Architecture and a Way of Looking at Site. Index