Locating Hell in Islamic traditions

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Full title: Locating Hell in Islamic traditions / edited by Christian Lange.
Other authors: Lange, Christian.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • 1 Introducing Hell in Islamic studies / Christian Lange
  • 2 The barzakh and the intermediate state of the dead in the Quran / Tommaso Tesei
  • From space to place: the Quranic infernalization of the jinn / Simon O'Meara
  • Revisiting Hell's angels in the Quran / Christian Lange
  • Hell in early and medieval Islam
  • Locating Hell in early rununciant literature / Christopher Melchert
  • Fire in the upper heavens: locating Hell in middle period narratives of Muḥammad's ascension / Frederick Colby
  • Hell in popular imagination: the anyonymous Kitab al-ʼAlamah / Wim Raven
  • Theological and mystical aspects
  • Is Hell truly everlasting? An introduction to medieval Islamic universalism / Mohammad Hassan Khalil
  • Ibn ʻArabi, Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya and the political functions of punishment in Islamic Hell / Samuela Pagani
  • Withholding judgment on Islamic universalism, Ibn al-Wazir (d. 840/1436) On the purpose and duration of hellfire / Jon Hoover
  • Varieties of Hell in Islamic traditions
  • Ismaʻili Shiʻi visions of Hell from the "spiritual torment of the Fatimids to the ʻayyib rock of Sijjin / Daniel De Smet
  • The Morisco Hell: the significance and relevance of the Aljamiado texts for Muslim eschatology and Islamic literature / Roberto Tottoli
  • Curse signs: the artful rhetoric of Hell in Safavid Iran / Christiane Gruber
  • Literature and religious controversy : the vision of Hell in Jamil Sidqy al-Zahawi's Thawra fi l-jaʻim / Richard van Leeuwen.