Arabs and Empire before Islam

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Level B NR956.01 /745547 Available  Request
Full title: Arabs and Empire before Islam / edited by Greg Fisher
Other authors: Fisher, Greg
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Table of Contents
  • Editor's Introduction
  • 1. Arabs and Empires before the sixth century / Aldo Corcella, Touraj Daryaee, Greg Fisher, Matt Gibbs, Ariel S. Lewin, Michael C. A. Macdonald, Donatella Violante, and Conor Whately
  • 2. Before Himyar: epigraphic evidence for the kingdoms of Saudi Arabia / Christian Julien Robin
  • 3. Himyar, Aksum, and Arabia Deserta in Late Antiquity: the epigraphic evidence / Christian Julien Robin
  • 4. The archaeological evidence for the Jafnids and the Nasrids / Denis Genequand
  • 5. Arabs in the conflict between Rome and Persia, 491-630 / Peter Edwell, with contributions from George Bevan, Greg Fisher, Geoffrey Greatrex, Conor Whateley, and Philip Wood
  • 6. Arabs and Christianity / Greg Fisher and Philip Wood, with contributions from George Bevan, Geoffrey Greatrex, Basema Hamarneh, Peter Schadler, and Walter Ward
  • 7. Provincia Arabia: Nabataea, the emergence of Arabic as a written language, and Graeco-Arabica / Zbigniew T. Fiema, Ahmad Al-Jallad, Michael C. A. Macdonald, and Laïla Nehmé
  • 8. Arabic and Persian sources for pre-Islamic Arabia / Harry Munt, with contributions from Touraj Daryaee, Omar Edaibat, Robert G. Hoyland, and Isabel Toral-Niehoff
  • Index of sources
  • Epigraphic and papyrological sigla
  • Bibliography
  • Index