Real governance and practical norms in sub-Saharan Africa : the game of rules

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Full title: Real governance and practical norms in sub-Saharan Africa : the game of rules / edited by Tom de Herdt and Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan.
Main Authors: Herdt, Tom de, (Author)
, Olivier de Sardan, Jean-Pierre, (Author)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction : the game of the rules / Tom De Herdt & Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan
  • Informal regulations of public bureaucracies in Africa and beyond : practical norms as an exploratory concept / Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan
  • Traditionalist Africanist culturalism : analysis of a scientific ideology and a plea for an empirically grounded concept of culture / Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan
  • Hybrid orders and practical norms : a Weberian view / Tom De Herdt
  • Juggling with the norms : everyday practice in an emergency service in Niger / Eric Hahonou
  • The king is not a kinsman : multiple accountabilities in the postcolonial state in Africa / Giorgio Blundo
  • Ethnography of everyday ethics in a South African medical ward / Frédéric Le Marcis and Julien Grard
  • Local prison governance with global human rights : the merging of professional and practical norms in Ugandan prisons / Tomas Max Martin
  • The evolution of practical norms through bricolage : "good" local water governance in Zimbabwe / Frances Cleaver
  • Evident but elusive : practical norms in the gold sector in South-Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo / Sara Geenen
  • Beyond corruption : the everyday life of a court of the peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo / Benjamin Rubbers and Emilie Gallez.